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The question paper for NEET admission test will have as many as 200 questions that needs to be completed within 200 minutes.

Nta Neet Ug Admission Test 2022: Check Subject-wise Weightage, Other Details

The Nationwide Eligibility cum Entrance Take a look at (NEET), for admission to the undergraduate medical entrance programmes, might be held on July 17 this yr. The query paper for NEET admission take a look at can have as many as 200 questions that must be accomplished inside 200 minutes.

The doorway examination can have 4 topics — Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and of those, every topic will include two sections. Part A will include 35 questions, part B can have solely 15 questions. College students can select to try any 10 questions of the 15 questions in Part B. 

Verify weightage chapter-wise: 

Table of Contents


Range in Residing World: 14%

Cell Construction and Operate: 5%

Structural Organisation in Animals and Vegetation: 9%

Plant Physiology: 6%

Human Physiology: 20%


Genetics and Evolution: 18%

Biotechnology and Its Functions: 3%

Biology and Human Welfare: 4%

Ecology and atmosphere: 12%


Fundamental ideas of chemistry: 2%

Construction of Atom:3%

Classification of components and periodicity in properties: 3%

Chemical Bonding and molecular construction: 5%

States of Matter: Gases and liquids: 2%

Stable-state: 2%

Thermodynamics: 9%

Equilibrium: 6%

Redox Reactions: 1%

Options: 5%

Electrochemistry: 4%

Chemical kinetics: 3%

Floor Chemistry: 1%

Basic Ideas and processes of Isolation Parts: 1%

Hydrogen: 1%

s- Block Parts (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals): 1%

Some p-Block components: 1%

d and f Block Parts: 4%

Coordination compounds: 4%

Natural Chemistry – some Fundamental ideas and methods: 2%


Haloalkanes and Haloarenes: 1%

Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers”: 8%

Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids: 3%

Natural Compounds Containing Nitrogen: 1%

Biomolecules: 3%

Polymers: 3%

Chemistry in On a regular basis Life: 4%

Environmental Chemistry: 1%


Bodily-world and measurement: 2%

Kinematics: 3%

Legal guidelines of Movement: 3%

Work, Vitality and Energy: 4%

Movement of System of Particles and Inflexible Physique: 5%

Gravitation: 2%

Properties of Bulk Matter: 3%

Thermodynamics: 9%

Behaviour of Good Gasoline and Kinetic Concept: 3%

Oscillation & Waves: 3%

Electrostatics: 9%

Present Electrical energy: 8%

Magnetic Impact of Present & Magnetism: 5%

Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Present: 8%

Electromagnetic Waves: 5%

Optics: 10%

Twin Nature of Matter and Radiation: 6%

Atoms & Nuclei: 3%

Digital Units: 99%


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